Setting Up Your eCommerce Business

Setting up an e-commerce business is an exciting experience, which opens up a new world of opportunities for your store. Whether you’re creating a new brand that will inhabit the online world exclusively, or thinking about expanding your client base beyond the four walls of your brick-and-mortar outlet, several key steps need to be taken to ensure your business set-up is complete.

At b-congruent, we provide an all-round E-commerce Business Set-up service to help you ensure that you don’t miss any crucial steps of the process. This service is suitable for all first-time e-commerce business owners, whether you’ve got years of experience working in retail, or are a complete newbie. We’re here to take to help get your e-commerce business up and running.

What’s Included:

E-commerce Inventory Planning And Management

  • Sourcing the stock management solution that is best suited for your business and handling the implementation process from A to Z
  • Creating personalised Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the smooth running of your business and maximum ROI based on your current resources, including stock, pricing and customer care services
  • Providing a well-researched overview of current product demand and competition
  • Analysing all current sales data to produce a detailed sales report
  • Investigating any product and trade restrictions that need to be taken into consideration before setting up your online store

E-commerce Website Development

  • Searching for the best website development solution to fit your e-commerce site and handling the full development process
  • Working with an international team of web developers and graphic designers to create the best UX UI, ensuring your website is in line with all requirements and is, above all, user-friendly
  • Applying a simple content management system that your in-house team will be able to manage effortlessly
  • Researching and presenting the best payment gateway solution to meet your business’ needs

E-commerce SEO

  • Ensuring your SEO set-up is in top shape before launch to get your business ranking online, including overall website SEO, localised SEO and retail outlet SEO
  • Preparing a six-month SEO strategy, together with the necessary content provided by outsourced content writers
  • Implementing all necessary data tracking tools before launch to gain a better understanding of the full customer journey on your website, including your customers’ experience, interests and needs
  • Conducting a full analysis of your competition to provide a detailed report and put forward our recommendations

E-commerce Advertising

  • Handling your social media presence and creating a customised six-month social media content plan
  • Research, analysis and presentation of your current competitors’ social media presence
  • Managing your campaign assets and preparing a customised plan consisting of a press release and digital advertising strategy to boost your online presence
  • Tracking your advertising campaigns’ performance to identify which routes produced the best results

E-commerce Trust Building

  • Ensuring your online presence transmits confidence and trust, among both search engines and your consumers
  • Recommendations on how to plan and execute responses to negative and positive online reviews on Google, Facebook and Trustpilot, which will be included within the Standard Operating Procedures
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