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A Guide To Developing An eCommerce Website

A website is to e-commerce what a physical outlet is to an offline store. Sounds obvious enough, right? In reality, many online shops fail to make a lasting first impression on their visitors, reducing the probability that they will become returning customers and recommend future clients to your site. Think about it – when visiting a shop for the first time, customers can get a well-rounded experience that stimulates all the senses; music plays, a signature scent fills the room, and customers can see and feel the products around the store. Just because those physical sensations are missing when online shopping, it doesn’t mean that your store’s visitors need to miss out on a positive experience.

When developing a website for e-commerce, there are numerous factors which should be taken into consideration to ensure a positive online shopping experience for your customers – because a well-functioning e-commerce website development solution equals more happy customers!

Are you curious about what makes an average e-commerce website great? Read on to find out: 

Finding The Best E-commerce Website Development Solution For Your Business

Building a successful online store is not only about marketing your products through the right channels, but also about incorporating the necessary technical features to make your site easy to use. This step is an integral part of the e-commerce website development planning process, as business owners will need to think about the features they want their website to include in order to find the right developer to work with. Among the most important e-commerce website features are:

  • Search-Engine Optimised website coding & layout
  • A content management system 
  • Tools for promos & discount codes
  • Data collection and analytics tools
  • E-mail and messengers integration
  • Blog section 
  • Payment gateway options
  • Ability to grow as the company expands 

If you’re unsure about what features to include in your site, get in touch! Our experienced team of e-commerce website development project managers can guide you towards the best solution for your business.

Applying A Simple Content Management System For Your E-commerce Website

Content Management Systems (CMS) can make or break a website. When developing a website for e-commerce, your CMS needs to be easy to use, while also including all the features needed for your business to thrive online. A CMS helps you to manage all the content on your site to attract new and returning customers to your platform. There are hundreds of CMSs to choose from, so how can business owners decide which one is best for them? 

Firstly, to reap the benefits offered by more advanced tools, you will require an experienced team (or one that’s willing to learn). Simpler CMS tools, on the other hand, can be navigated by anyone, no matter their level of tech-savviness. Other factors to consider when choosing the best CMS for your e-commerce website development are costs, ease of integration with other website tools, and SEO-friendliness. 

Giving Your Customers The Best UX & UI

Design trends are constantly evolving, and good e-commerce websites need to learn how to keep up with the pace. Mastering User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) will give your website a competitive advantage in today’s digital world. But what exactly are UX and UI?

UX refers to the overall experience that a person has when visiting your e-commerce website, while UI refers to the individual elements that your online customers interact with. These factors go above and beyond linear website design, to look at factors such as site loading time, mobile compatibility, clear copy and straightforward purchasing processes. Together, these two aspects can create an easy to navigate, seamless conversion funnel to increase your online sales. 

Unsure where to find the best UX and UI designers for your e-commerce website? Our e-commerce website development project managers can connect you with a network of international web developers and graphic designers to take your online store to new heights! 

Selecting The Best Payment Gateway Solution For Your E-commerce Website

Choosing which payment gateways to implement on your e-commerce website can be tricky. You want the payment stage to be simple, fast, highly-secure and, naturally, not too expensive. Compromising on either of these factors could spell disaster for an e-commerce business. 

Unfortunately, many online shoppers end up abandoning their carts, either due to a lack of variety in payment options, or technical issues. These customers might opt to purchase the product in-store or go through the familiar Amazon route instead. If a customer has made their way to the final step in your conversion funnel, you need to make sure that your payment gateways solution is functioning at its best.

Looking for the best e-commerce website development solution options for your store? Drop us a line – we’d love to share our ideas with you!

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