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Google Ads Setup & Management


Get more customers or leads from around the world with Google Ads. Our Google Ads Setup & Management service is suited for companies that need to manage more than 1 or 2 campaigns on a regular basis.

Google Ads are great for anyone who wants to expand their business online beyond just social media marketing. From the time you begin your campaign, you will see results immediately in terms of leads or users coming into your site. This is because Google Ads are among the best out there for immediate results when it comes to advertising.


What’s included:


  • Google Ads Data Tracking Audit

We will review your data tracking settings to be sure everything is set properly.

  • Unlimited Amount of Google Ads Campaigns

We will create as many campaigns as you want. However, these campaigns must be for a single Google Ads Account.

  • 3-month Google Ads Management

We will be in charge of your Google Ads Campaigns for the next three months. Further advertising assistance will be charged separately.


How does it work?


1) In 2 business days, we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment about allowing access to your company’s Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts.

2) After you provide access, our Google Ads professional will evaluate the data gathering implementation.

3) You will provide us with all of the information and material we need to launch the campaigns. This includes images, landing page URLs, specific campaign details, business-related information, campaign budgets, etc.

4) Our Google Ads professional will set up the requested campaigns and manage them for three months to get the best outcomes possible.