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Are you a business owner selling products or services online? Have you ever wondered how to boost your website traffic and increase sales? If so, you could benefit from a free SEO audit for your website!


You’ve probably heard of Search Engine Optimisation – or ‘SEO’, as it’s most commonly referred to – and how it can make or break your business. But, with so many developments rapidly unfolding within the online world, it can become a struggle to keep up. Whether you’re new to SEO or can’t seem to figure out why you’re not achieving the results you crave, a full SEO Audit can help you ensure that you’re ticking all the boxes. 


All small– to medium– sized businesses that sell products or services online can enter the giveaway by filling in the form below by the 12th of October 2021.

What’s the Prize?

Three winners will receive an SEO audit for their e-commerce platform. This includes a full review and analysis of the state of their website’s current SEO. It covers key areas that are crucial to achieving great SERPs: 

technical SEO audit, on-page SEO review and recommendations.  

Don’t worry if you haven’t put much thought into your platform’s SEO – this audit will identify areas that need improvement, providing a full report and list of recommendations that you can walk away with and implement. 

Enter the giveaway for a chance to boost your e-commerce results. 

Good luck!

What is SEO all about?

SEO is the practice of continuously maintaining and updating your website to make it rank higher in organic search results and increase website traffic. Since there are millions of search results appearing for a single search term – or ‘keyword’ – Google and other search engines determine which websites will appear first based on a variety of factors. Relevance and originality of your website’s content in relation to the keyword is important, but there are many other factors that need to be implemented in the structure and set-up of the website itself.


The higher up your website appears in a search result, the more exposure your brand gets. SEO can help your businesses be front and centre, because why would you want to settle for a flyer when you can go for the whole billboard?

Boost your business with a solid SEO plan

SEO is a long game. In digital marketing, it creates the highest return on investment when compared to other online advertising methods. But many business owners might hesitate to invest in their website’s SEO since results will only be noticeable after a few months. For those who follow through, the rewards can be extremely positive.


But if you’re going to be dedicating a significant amount of time and resources to SEO, you’re going to need a solid strategy that covers every single point of the process. The best place to start is with an analysis of your website’s current search engine results positioning (SERP). Have you unwittingly surpassed your competitors for a specific keyword search? Or perhaps you’re wondering what is missing from your current homepage? A free SEO audit will answer all your questions.